Diary Entry

Kara Loewentheil, J.D.

Master Coach + Feminist Rockstar

Changing the way you talk to yourself will change your entire life.

How many times have you said to a friend, “Rationally I know that  . . . I deserve the promotion / my thighs are fine / I have a lot to offer in a relationship / I shouldn’t care what my mother thinks  . . . but emotionally I feel the opposite.”

My message for all women is: You aren’t crazy. And you aren’t alone. There are specific cognitive reasons that you feel this disconnect between how you know you could think about yourself and how you actually feel. And they can be changed.

When you think about all the time women spend doubting themselves, hating their bodies, worrying about what other people think, and obsessing over their romantic relationships, it’s truly astounding. It’s such a waste of human capital and it doesn’t have to be that way. Because there’s nothing inherent about women that creates all of this mental drama. It’s the way we are raised and the social conditioning we absorb that produce all of these self-critical and negative thoughts that hold us back. And so many of us just believe these thoughts and take them to be true. They aren’t true, and they can be changed. Changing the way you talk to yourself will change your entire life.

I started my career in women’s rights early – in high school. So you could say I’ve always been a little obsessed with doing my part for women’s liberation. For a decade this took the form of reproductive justice activism, as a litigator and an academic. But then I decided to overhaul my entire life, and I quit the law to become a life coach (gasp!). Now I’m a Master Coach, and I work with high-achieving feminist women who believe in empowerment but don’t always feel empowered. I get to spend my days teaching women the tools they need to develop their own confidence, bravery, and joy. I teach them how to get out of their own heads so they can get cracking on accomplishing and creating what they want in the world and in their own lives. These days I feel like I’m leading my own little revolution: Except it’s growing bigger day by day.


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