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This Female Founder Is Finding Funding For Women Entrepreneurs

What is remarkably motivating about Lisa’s journey is that her reputation and success have been led by a series of choices. The choice to work hard and stay disciplined, the choice to step outside of her comfort zone and share her goals with the universe, and the choice to continually learn and grow. It’s through these small actions of straightforward choices that can lead to mass impact and social change.

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Ludnie Faustin Is Building Female Strength In A Whole New Way

Miss Fitness Belgium, Ludnie Faustin simultaneously shuts down and reinvents the fitness scene. A strong, harmonious, and powerful young Black woman, she proudly takes up space whether on stage or in the middle of Grand Central Station.


This Feminist Media Company Is Taking On The Cultural Revolution

Cristina Cala, a digital editor and founder of The Why Women Project, a feminist platform powered by women in media, is determined to make sure that women who have traditionally been left out of dominant media narratives, will have their voices heard.