Who We Are

The I AM WOMAN Project is a community empowering women to elevate, motivate and celebrate themselves through shared narratives. We showcase and celebrate women’s true power by sharing their stories, wisdom and inspirational insights across video, audio, and digital platforms.


DJ Kitty Cash The I AM WOMAN Project

Our Founder

The I AM WOMAN Project media platform was launched by DJ Kitty Cash in December 2017, to highlight diverse and compelling women’s stories as a tool of empowerment, sisterhood and force.

A native of Brooklyn New York, DJ Kitty Cash is a renaissance force as a musician, culturalist, and feminist. Like her globally renown music – which is a blended mix of sounds creating a love inspired atmosphere – Cash’s mission is to give voice to a vibrant, creative, and thriving community of up-and-coming women asserting their place within our world through their works, ideas, voice, and actions.