Gabrielle Alexa

Writer, passionate feminist, and cat mom.

Vaginal Shame Is Real And It Can Really Impact Your Health

As a society that praises the power of vaginas, we sure do simultaneously foster a lot of vaginal shame. Women receive messages that claim we should taste like water or smell like fruit down there, and we learn that our vaginas are unappealing unless masked by-products. We are socialized to shave, wax, or even use […]


The Loneliness Of The Bisexual Woman

Biphobia doesn’t just actively oppress bisexual people, it’s something we internalize and use against ourselves, too.


Ashley Graham and Adowah Aboah Revolutionize How To Live Boldly

As I am staring at the models and brand ambassadors for Revlon’s spring beauty campaign. I’m struck by how revolutionary they are. I’m at Skylight Modern in midtown Manhattan, where the campaign launch party is taking place, and they are standing on-stage against a backdrop that reads “LIVE BOLDLY” in proud capital letters. Some of […]


Gala Darling Wants You To Change Your Life With Radical Self Love

Perhaps there was something cosmic involved in the timing of my conversation with Gala Darling. I spoke to the author, blogger, and speaker immediately after my own self-love hiatus – a sophisticated way of admitting that I’d stopped making myself a priority since April. Gala has been helping women find ‘radical self-love’ for almost a […]


The Orgasm Gap — Just Like The Pay Gap, But With Sex

Of the myriad of ways that gender inequality manifests in our daily lives, the orgasm gap is one that doesn’t get enough coverage.


How Should America Show Up for Black Women?

America suffers from a very particular form of amnesia. It allows individuals to pretend that everyone, including historically oppressed groups, experience the freedoms of this country in the same way.